Open source project on PyPi

date published : April 08, 2020 read time : 3 mins

Last year as part of my role at at 60 Decibels I created and published v1.0.0 of an open source python package on PyPI for working with Qualtrics surveys.

This code was originally written as part of the technical stack supporting our SaaS product to scale delivery of Impact Investment Measurement and Insights.

You can find the package on PyPi here - it allows the creation of Qualtrics surveys from pre-defined templates, and the collection and processing of responses to these surveys.

As the code is open sourced under the MIT License you can extend this to include your own survey definitions, should you wish.

The code also includes several survey definition templates that were created by 60 Decibels. Both the surveys and the software in this open source package were funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who granted 60 Decibels the money to develop and deliver these.

A longer write up of this work and the steps required to publish the package can be found on the portfolio page here